What is the difference between a bakki shower and a trickle filter?

 You can compare the trickle filter to a shower and the bakki shower to a waterfall.
A bakki shower is more than just a trickle filter. It is a complete and independent filtering system that polishes the water using both mechanical and organic filtration.

Does Bacteria Home buffer the pH-value of the water?

No. Bacteria Home is not made with calcium products. It is a combination of several types of ceramics. Therefore it does not influence the pH-value of the water.

Can I use Bacteria Home in my current underwater filter?

Yes! our filter media work perfectly fine with underwater filters. For the best results, however, it is important to allow plenty of air into the system.

Do the bacteria quickly perish when the filter is stopped?

No. Bacteria Home has many pores in which the bacteria can easily survive. Even with a 24-hour power outage, the filter will still hold plenty of water. Bacteria will, during a power outage, perish sooner in a Underwater filter. The exposure to fresh air in a bakki shower or trickle filter keeps the bacteria alive for longer. One of the additional advantages of Bacteria home, is the quick restart after for instance the addition of medicine to the water.

Will a bakki shower or trickle filter cool my water?

Yes, but if you shelter the filter media, the cooling will be minimal. This also damps the sound. If you do not have a heated pond, we advice you to turn the filter off during cold winter months.